Los Tres Mosqueteros

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Located on 23 Avenue in a simple place overlooking the street you can enjoy a typical Cuban meal and excellent seafood. Looking up from the busy Calle 23, it is possible to spy this second-floor terrace. It looks interesting. Entering up the steep narrow staircase you will be forgiven for feeling claustrophobic. The place itself looks a little rough and ragged around the edges, ugly green corrugated iron provides the roof for the terrace while inside there is an air-conditioned salon with dirty Perspex windows looking out to the street below. It originally opened in 1996, closed in 1999 and reopened in October 2010. Its fare includes criolla and international food, and has a good selection of combos.

The specialty of the house is the Mariscada, a seafood plate with lobster, shrimp and fish.

Calle 23 No.607 Altos e/ E y F, El Vedado, Havana city

Tel: +(53 7) 8310723