Café Mamainé

cuba recipes .org - Café Mamainé

For all coffee lovers, Mamainé´s coffee house is just waiting to be discovered. This rustic cafeteria acts also as a private art gallery, that’s why taking an appetizer or drinking refreshment is always different and unique in Mamainé.

Don Quijote

Known as one of the hotspots of 23rd St in Vedado, Don Quijote takes its name from a sculpture dedicated to the character on the corner of 23rd St and J.


Excelent international food with very reasonable prices in a modern and homely atmosphere. Varied menu, superb service and outstanding location.


cuba recipes .org - Topoly, an irain restaurant in Havana

The Persian Topoly restaurant offers you an alternative to the Cuban cuisine. In addition to a full menu of traditional foods, also has nightly exhibitions of Iranian dance, poetry and music.


cuba recipes .org - Restaurant Opera in El Vedado

Great atmosphere, friendly, homely, perfect for business meetings and dinners. The food is very good and the service excellent.


cuba recipes .org - Olokku bar & restaurant in Havana

Located at the corner of Calzada and E, this is an air conditioned bar/ restaurant where you can find a cheap offert of pizzas, pastas and cold drinks.

Dulce Habana

cuba recipes .org - Dulce Habana Bar/ Restaurant & Grill

With mostly italian food recipes, this restaurant stands out for its careful selection of ingredients, unusual flavors and exquisite presentation of their dishes.

La Roca

cuba recipes .org - La Roca Restaurant

Opened in the 50's, this restaurant offers great cocktails at excellent prices in an art déco style setting with multi-coloured glass windows.

El Cochinito

cuba recipes .org - El Cochinito Restaurant

Located in 23 street, El Cochinito is one of the more popular restaurants in El Vedado district, offering customers a choice of cafeteria, barbecue and restaurant service.


cuba recipes .org - Toke restaurant in Havana city

Nice place, economical and tasty, located on the border between Centro Habana and El Vedado neighborhoods. It has a varied menu and good quality / price ratio.

La Moraleja

cuba recipes .org - La Moraleja Restaurant

Nice place nestled in the courtyard of a beautiful house of El Vedado neighborhood, this restaurant is just a few steps away from the Tryp Habana Libre and Colina hotels.

La Chuchería

cuba recipes .org - La Chuchería Bar & Restaurant in El Vedado, Havana

A challenge to imagination Located on one of the most privileged places in Havana (in front of the majestic Malecón) is La Chuchería, an incredible sport-bar, in witch you probably won’t be able to

La Catedral

cuba recipes .org - La Catedral Bar & Restaurant in El Vedado, Havana city

Nice restaurant with a menu of high quality and affordable prices. Be sure to order the house specialty: Bishop’s Lasagna, prepared with shredded beef and olives.

Cafe Presidente

cuba recipes .org - Cafe Presidente Bar & Restaurant in El Vedado, Havana city

Cafe Presidente is located near the center of the nightlife in Havana. Elegance and exclusivity define this place where you will taste the best of Cuban, Italian and international cuisine.


Accessible and secretive at the same time, this restaurant is pleased to offer customers a menu at the crossroads between tradition and novelty.

El Conejito

cuba recipes .org - El Conejito Restaurant

This restaurant is your best option if you want to eat rabbit in Havana. A good quality state run restaurant set in a 1960's redbrick exterior which belies a 17th-century Tudor mansion replica.

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