El Palatino

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The number of tourists who pay in Cienfuegos a visit to the bar-cafeteria El Palatino (phone: +53 43 551244) is increasing year after year, not only because of the wonderful place it occupies in a corner in front of Parque Martí, neither because of the architectural beauty of the building itself, but also for the quality service its workers offer to the visitors since 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Managed by Cubanacán Travel Agency, El Palatino keeps the splendour of the original construction, the ocher colour of its walls, the blue light of its timber work and its classical warm hospitality.

The visitors enjoy there a limited selection of the most popular international ham, beef and pork meat or tuna sandwiches and hamburgers for less than 4 CUC, as well as juices, soft drinks and some of the famous Cuban cocktails as daiquiri, Cuba Libre, Mojito and many other delightful drinks.

El Palatino Bar-Cafeteria is certainly a lovely place, where you’ll find a proof of the Cuban hospitality.