Hemingway Special

Ask anyone who appreciates good literature who would be in their top ten of all-time great authors and Ernest Hemingway will surely be amongst them. Ask any lover of cigars for an iconic 20th century figure that is readily associated with smoking cigars; and again Hemmingway will be one of them.

Not only an author but also one of the few that can be described as a ‘mans man’ – Hemmingway is as associable with cocktails as he is with writing and cigars. If you’ve ever been to Venice you should enjoy a Bellini cocktail whilst sitting in Harry’s Bar, on the Calle Vallaresso, just off the Grand Canal. Likewise in Cuba, if you’re in Havana go to the Floridita Bar in the Vieja district and sample a Hemmingway Special, which is famed for its double portion of Rum.

  • 1 measure Havana Club 
  • ¼ measure cherry liqueur 
  • 1 measure grapefruit juice 
  • 1 dash lemon juice. 

Place ice cubes in shaker. Add ingredients. Beat. Serve in a cocktail glass.