Cuban Coffee (Espresso)

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Intense and sweet, Cuban coffee tastes like no other coffee. The Café Cubano (Cuban coffee, Cuban espresso, cafecito, Cuban pull, Cuban shot) is a type of espresso which originated in Cuba after espresso machines were first imported there from Italy.

Traditional Cuban-style espresso is made by adding raw cane sugar, to the portafilter, or container used to pour an espresso. Then the espresso will drip, allowing the sugar to infuse or mix with the espresso shot. If this is all done correctly, it should result in a rich, smooth and sweet espresso.

A method commonly used to prepare a café cubano is to initially add only the first few drops of espresso to the sugar and mix vigorously. This results in a creamy, light brown paste. The remaining espresso is then added to this paste and mixed, creating a light brown foam layer, or espumita, atop the coffee.

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